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What’s Going on at Fairview?

A Holiday Tradition Continues at Fairview

A Fairview Christmas
By Ted Hebb

Christmas at Fairview is so special each year
It’s always a period filled with good cheer.
As people gather near
Remembering the things most dear

Hand bells might be ringing …
Carolers are singing.
The chapel is filled with the sweet smell of pine
As people gather seeking something more divine

Inside the doors, love abounds
The modern world cannot be found
It is as if time has stood still
Within the chapel on the hill.

It’s a place most dear
A place filled with holiday cheer
Forget the present - “hush; be still”
Feel His presence and know His will

It’s a quiet place, I know
A place where the spirit can grow
It’s a place where true happiness can be found
As family and friends gather ‘round’.

Restored Fairview to Celebrate Year 35!

“With God All Things Are Possible!”will be the theme of the special service on May 28th, commemorating 35 years of the restoration of Fairview Chapel. The service will be guided by Rev. Linda Lambert, retired Church of the Brethren pastor. Her message will highlight how God makes the ‘seemingly’ impossible a reality. Once a pile of rubble and imploded stones that remained of the original 1847 Methodist church stands now a sturdy rebuilt church – a building restored. But, more than that, a unique church composed of people of God – Christians- who carry on the message of the original church is now the new Fairview. The celebration will include the songs of musical groups and individuals. Refreshments will be served following this special worship service.

A nucleus of regular attendees composed of Christians of various denominations attend the weekly services at 7pm each Sunday. Services are guided by pastors and musicians representing a variety of denominations. Although our church is a part of the United Methodist

Washington/Baltimore Conference, the chapel welcomes pastors and worshippers of all denominations. The chapel is blessed to be a part of the Mt. Carmel, New Market Parish and under the guidance of Rev. Jennifer Smith and Pastor Scott Clawson. Nine trustees and nine worship team leaders guide the worship program and strong mission outreach component of this special house of God. The atmosphere of the church seeks to replicate that of the original church still using the light of oil lamps and candlelight, an early style stove, and a pump organ. The simplicity of the services and facility seek to remove distractions of today’s world in a simple setting welcoming God’s spirit into the hearts of those who come seeking it. ype your paragraph here.